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postcards | concerts ( Jun.1.2002 - Aug.10.2002 - pg 2 ) sigs'n'stuff
I have been to a fair number of Toad concerts and I have decided to document my experiences here. Hope you enjoy it ...

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[Glen & Randy (18 Kb)]
(18 Kb)
Glen and Randy's signatures: Feburary 12th, 1993?
This was from my very first show, when I had no clue who they were. Fortunately, I was with some fananatic fans who stuck around after this wonderful show (needless to say I was hooked from that moment on) and meet up with both Glen and Randy before they drove off in a limousine. In case you have a hard time reading what they said since the years have faded the ink quite measurably (and plus, you have to read Randy's upsidedown!):

Limos are embarassing -- Sorry, Glen
(Glen said that the limo wasn't their idea but whoever booked the show.)

Thanks Monica -- Randy Guss
(He was thanking me (me?!) because I smiled at him during the show!)

[RR 3 (33 Kb)]
(33 Kb)
Rock & Roll Party All Night Volume III.
This is the only mailing list single that I ever got. It has the songs "P.S." and "Chicken" and I don't regret ordering it for a single minute. I guess it is kind of rare so that is why I have it here. There is a high quality format also available ... it's 136 Kb so it is kind of big but it's there if you want to see it.
[SSB wristband (12 Kb)]
(12 Kb)
Santa Barbara Bowl wristband: August 30th, 1997.
This was the wristbands that we wore in order to get into the 'pit' with the other list members, which was right up next to the stage. I got to sit right underneath Todd's feet basically!
[Glen sig (15 Kb)]
(15 Kb)
Glen's signature: October 24th, 1998.
I was fortunate enough to ask Glen for his signature when I saw him perform at the Crocodile Cafe. Here is what it says just in case:

Oh, Monica.
I'm so sorry.
Glen Phillips
(He said he was sorry because of the whole Monica Lewinski issue and how he said it was a shame that such a lovely name has gotten such bad press.)

[Todd's pick (13 Kb)]
(13 Kb)
Todd's guitar pick: November 1998.
I got this in the mail from Joe Lyons, a good friend of Toad. I had agreed to make him a copy of my Toad CD for him so he sent back $5.00 plus some Coil and Dulcinea stickers and Todd's guitar pick! Hope I can meet them someday to thank them personally.

postcards | concerts ( Jun.1.2002 - Aug.10.2002 - pg 2 ) sigs'n'stuff
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