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When Toad mailed out these postcards, they usually wrote something informative, interesting or funny on them. I will copy what was written from the back of the postcard and put it next to the image.

The only thing is that sometimes the postcards got marred when they go through the sorting maching at the post office. So, if there is a big white splotch on the picture, that is what caused it.

You may view the pictures page by page (like this one) or you can view the pictures one by one by just clicking on the image and see a full sized version.

[Dulcinea (29 Kb)]
(29 Kb)
Dulcinea Sticker.
I have no idea when or where I got this sticker actually. I probably picked it up at a show or something because it wasn't sent in the mail. Anyway, here is what the back says:


ALBUMS: (Released by Columbia Records)
Bread and Circus (1989)
Pale (1990)
fear (1991)
Dulcinea (1994) (International release includes bonus track "Hope")

SINGLES: (Released by Columbia Records)
"All I Want" (remix) w/ "All She Said" (1992)
"Walk On The Ocean" (remix) w/ "All in All" (1992)
"I Will Not Take These Things For Granted" w/ "So Alive" (1993)
"Fall Down" w/ "All Right" (1994) (International release includes "Nightingale" live)

"Little Heaven" (1992) Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Columbia)
"Brother" (1993) So I Married An Axe Murderer (Chaos)
"Rock And Roll All Night" (1994) Kiss My Ass (Mercury)

Seven Songs Seldom Seen (1992) (Sony Music Video)

PROMOTIONAL RECORDINGS: (Released by Columbia Records)
Five Live (1992)
"Cinnamon Girl" (live) (1992) Columbia Indestructible (sampler)
"Jam" (new studio version) w/ "Liars Everywhere" & "Hold Her Down" (1990)

(Also titled: "Rock n'Roll Party All Night" Volumes I, II & III)
"Walk On The Ocean"--demo w/ "All in All"--demo (cassette only) (1990)
"Hobbit On The Rocks" w/ "Are We Afraid" (cassette only) (1992)
"P.S." w/ "Chicken" (CD only) (1994)

"Something To Say" (acoustic) (1992) KBCO Studio C Volume 1
"Something To Say" (live) (1994) Warriors KFOG Jam

[Xmas 94 (20 Kb)]
(20 Kb)
Happy Holidays, 1994.

Winter is again upon us, and with it, all the holiday cheer anyone could wish for. We're home for at least a month right now -- the longest break we've had since our tour started in May. After our batteries are recharged, we'll run out on the road again for y'all.

On the business side -- we're releasing an acoustic EP (just like everyone else) with four live songs and a stripped down version of "Something's Always Wrong." It' called Acoustic Dance Party, and will be available on December 13th.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, belated Happy Hanukkah, a lovely New Year, and hugs and sloppy kisses to you all. See you soon.

-- Toad

P.S. "Quake" our tour manager/sound man, is Santa.

P.P.S. Some of you may have see Wasted Tape open for us on tour, and signed up on their mailing list. Their mailing list hard drive crashed and all their names were lost. If you want to get back on, drop them a note at:

Wasted Tape
P.O. Box 1761WT
Santa Monica, CA 90406

[ILS (29 Kb)]
(29 Kb)
In Light Syrup, 1995.
Hi again. We hope this note finds all of you well (or finds you at all), and that life has been as relaxing for you as it has been for us lately. You see, We're finally home!

Now, home is taking on a completely new meaning for us. Dean has moved to the delta country in Northern California, Glen is soon to welcome a new addition to his family, Toadd's taken up mountain biking to fill the downtime until snowboard season begins, and Randy is festering away in marital bliss. Thanks again for making us feel so welcome over the last year and a half as we toured through your hometowns.

Although we won't officially be on tour anytime soon, you might hear about a "new" Toad album coming out on October 24th. We're calling it In Light Syrup, and we thought we should give you the lowdown.

This album is about those songs that remain amongst our favorites, but have never made it onto one of our albums. You may have heard some of these on soundtracks, taps you got through us, or on tour. Well, we figured that before we begin our second decade together we should finally group some of them together and release them as a full-fledged Toad album. A couple of these songs date back to Bread & Circus (1988) and Pale (1990), some to fear (1991), a few to Dulcinea (1994), and others were recorded in between just for fun. It's sort of a retrospective of music only we, and some of you, have heard. If music was food and albums the meal, this would be like fruit coctail, maybe not the main course,but kinda tasty nonetheless. Assorted rare cubes of song, In Light Syrup. We really hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again,

P.S. If you look around your record store you may be able to find "Crazy Life" (a song we recorded during the fear sessions) on the Empire Records soundtrack, and "Instant Karma," the great John Lennon song that we had a blast covering on Working Class Hero, the Lennon tribute album that just came out. Also available, a Toad songbook called "Collection" and a CD+ version of Dulcinea.

[New Year 96 (39 Kb)]
(39 Kb)
Happy New Year, 1996.
Dear Friends,

Happy holidays, new year, and everything else. Since we're consistently a week or so late with this Christmas card, we've decided to start a new tradition. Behold, our first annual New Year's Card. We hope that 1995 was good to you, and that '96 will be even better.

The new year will bring many new things. Glen's brand new daughter, Sophia, will see her first presidental election, first Olympics, and the recording and release of our sixth* album. And on November 9th, she'll expierience her first birthday.

Outside of these bold predictions, we have an easy formula for guessing the year's outcome. Our celebrity predictions for 1996, in the form of a "mad-lib":

will be seen with , provoking rumors that is actually an . While wearing a , and hanging a through pierced , will say to the press, ", you sucking ." 's will definately wane in 1996.

Thanks for making us feel so welcome this last year on tour. We look forward to seeing you again this new year.

Sincerely, Toad

Visit the House of Toad web site at * For those wondering what our fifth album was ... it's "In Light Syrup" (a collction of rarities) and it came out this fall.

[New Year 97 (21 Kb)]
(21 Kb)
Happy New Year, 1997.
Dear Friend,

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed 1996 and the recent holiday season. This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary as a band, Randy had his first child, Glen had his second, Todd (with Dean's help) built our rehersal/recoding studio, and Dean moved into a new home. It was an unusual year for us in that it was the first since 1989 that we didn't tour extensively. We have been productive though, and are just a few days away from completing out new record. Once again we worked with our old friend and producer Gavin MacKillop, and recorded at our own studio. The album doesn't have a name yet, but we're really excited about it and, in fact, we think it's our best record yet. We hope you agree. Look for it and us sometime around spring in a record store/concert hall near you.

Because it's been a while since we've toured and put out a new record we feel we should tell you why we took such a long break. You see we've always felt that a band's purpose, the reason for making music, is to express and explore things that are happening in one's own life. Sometimes though, a band can be so all-encompassing that the life you're trying to explore gets pushed aside. So, we decided to take some time off and spend it on ourselves. Now, as a result, we're working together better than ever and are really proud of the music we're making. Thanks for your patience. We can't wait to get back to touring and look forward to seeing you at the shows.

All good things,


[Coil postcard (24 Kb)]
(24 Kb)
Coil postcard.
Toad the Wet Sprocket ... The new album Coil featuring Come Down ... in stores Tuesday, May 20, 1997.
5/13 Siren Spotlight - live internet broadcast 6pm PST @
5/18 "Modern Rock Live" radio broadcast (check local listings)
5/21 Live on Letterman

Toad performs special FAN APPRICIATION CONCERTS beginning May 20th, the day of release, buy a copy of Coil from the listed record store in each city, and recieve one FREE TICKET to the concert.

Tickets for these FREE TOAD SHOWS are only available through these stores, or by winning them from your local radio station. LISTEN for more details.

Date City/Venue Record stores with the tickets

5/21 New York @ Supper Club Tower
5/22 Boston @ Avalon Newbury Comics
5/23 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club Kemp Mill, Best Buy, HMV
5/26 Toranto @ Lee's Palace HMV
5/27 Cleveland @ Odeon Camelot
5/28 Chicago @ Metro Best Buy
5/30 Atlanta @ Variety Playhouse Blockbuster, HMV
6/01 Philadelphia @ Y100 Festival (no record store tickets)
6/02 Denver @ Ogden Theatre Virgin, Rocky Mountain
6/05 San Francisco @ The Fillmore Tower
6/06 Los Angeles @ John Anson Ford Tower
For more detailed information on how you can get tickets:

postcards | concerts ( Jun.1.2002 - Aug.10.2002 - pg 2 ) sigs'n'stuff
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