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In Light Syrup, 1995.
Hi again. We hope this note finds all of you well (or finds you at all), and that life has been as relaxing for you as it has been for us lately. You see, We're finally home!

Now, home is taking on a completely new meaning for us. Dean has moved to the delta country in Northern California, Glen is soon to welcome a new addition to his family, Toadd's taken up mountain biking to fill the downtime until snowboard season begins, and Randy is festering away in marital bliss. Thanks again for making us feel so welcome over the last year and a half as we toured through your hometowns.

Although we won't officially be on tour anytime soon, you might hear about a "new" Toad album coming out on October 24th. We're calling it In Light Syrup, and we thought we should give you the lowdown.

This album is about those songs that remain amongst our favorites, but have never made it onto one of our albums. You may have heard some of these on soundtracks, taps you got through us, or on tour. Well, we figured that before we begin our second decade together we should finally group some of them together and release them as a full-fledged Toad album. A couple of these songs date back to Bread & Circus (1988) and Pale (1990), some to fear (1991), a few to Dulcinea (1994), and others were recorded in between just for fun. It's sort of a retrospective of music only we, and some of you, have heard. If music was food and albums the meal, this would be like fruit coctail, maybe not the main course,but kinda tasty nonetheless. Assorted rare cubes of song, In Light Syrup. We really hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again,

P.S. If you look around your record store you may be able to find "Crazy Life" (a song we recorded during the fear sessions) on the Empire Records soundtrack, and "Instant Karma," the great John Lennon song that we had a blast covering on Working Class Hero, the Lennon tribute album that just came out. Also available, a Toad songbook called "Collection" and a CD+ version of Dulcinea.


postcards | concerts ( Jun.1.2002 - Aug.10.2002 - pg 2 ) sigs'n'stuff
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