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Tada! I finally got a job doing stuff that I love ... webstuff! [:)] On December 20th, 1999, I took a position at RealNetworks doing a whole bunch of things. My official title is "MSD Web Developer" but I am not sure if that describes exactly what I do. Suffice it to say that it has been a great experience so far and I like almost every aspect of my job. Plus, the best part is that there is so much potential and opportunities for me now! In fact, I wrote down a little story about how J. Michael Straczynski (writer/creator of Babylon 5) inspired me to change my career.

Anyway, enough of me babbling about my new job ... now, back to the topic you probably came here to see: look at some stuff I have done on the web. [:)] My now slightly outdated resume is still posted if anyone cares to take a look at it. I am not currently looking for a job, so what is the point in updating it really?

My history on the web...
I am a self-taught web developer and I have learned through much research and experimenting. I have been on the internet since 1992 (that's a lot longer than a lot of people!). I have a good idea of what works and what looks good (no geoshitties pages for me!). I also write every bit of HTML code by hand using a text editor called Emacs (Unix). This way, I have total control over what my source code looks like and plus, it is just easier with the special RXML (a markup language specific to my Roxen web server) tags that I use. For more detailed information about how I develop please read the about page on or email me.

Ok, on to the examples...
Fredrik Hübinette April 2000: I finally broke down and redesigned (which we both did really - I just gave him the push and a starting point) my husband's website. He is responsible for converting all of his old pages to the new design. This is a huge improvement from before ... believe me. [:)]
Monica Hübinette February 2000: In case you didn't notice, I totally redesigned my site which has all the personal pages about me. This is my favorite design to date. In case you do want to see the old pages (keep in mind they were my first attempts to make web pages) feel free to wander around.
Toad the Wet Sprocket December 1998: Just about the time my favorite band decided to break up, I made a site dedicated to them. Still, this was a design that was totally new and different for me.
True Source Code November 1998: "True Source Code" was a term that I came up with in order to explain the difference between the source code that can be viewed from a web browser and the actual HTML code that was written by the person who wrote it. It explains and shows examples of what I mean in clear, plain english. Let me know if it helps ...
The Abyss September 1998: This is my online book and music store. Even though this site was made in conjuntion with my husband (he mostly provides some content), I solely designed the store and wrote all the HTML for it.
Sadie's Doghouse June 1998: This is a site devoted to the newest member of our family. This gave me a lot of knowledge about working with photographs and making them load quickly while still having them look decent. I am especially proud of the picture gallary.
A Warm Fuzzy Page January 1998: This was something I thought up in order to spread good feelings and happiness with anyone who had email and web access. It uses a form to send out an email and then generates a personal warm fuzzy page. It is a fun site to work on and visit!

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