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This is the man I love ...
[My Honey!]

Our story...

Boy sees grrl's photo Boy says hi to grrl Grrl talks to boy
Boy talks to grrl Grrl decides to meet boy Grrl likes boy
Boy likes grrl Grrl goes home Boy misses grrl
Grrl misses boy Grrl talks to boy Boy talks to grrl
Grrl falls in love with boy Boy falls in love with grrl Boy stays with grrl
Grrl stays with boy Boy moves in with grrl Boy and grrl get married

Boy and grrl live happily ever after!

Well that is the shortened condensed version of it anyway. For any more information, you will just have to get to know one of us. [:)]

Well, if you say so...
Now, I am about you send you on your way to the web world that is Fredrik's. He used to (and may still) have really ugly pages but I finally broke down and came up with a design for him. It really was a joint effort after I made the first stab at a new design. The reason behind the new design was that I was really sad that the world out there was missing out on Pike Green. Not that it is the most beautiful color or anything, it is just nostagic for us. With that said, I bid you adeu ...

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