Monica's Toad Pix
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This is just my little collection of odds and ends but it all has to do with Toad the Wet Sprocket somehow. Hope you have fun looking at my stuff! [:)]

I have been on the snail mailing list since sometime in 1994 and Toad has been sending out these neat little postcards about once a year. I thought they were pretty kewl so, of course, I saved them!
I have been to my fair share of Toad concerts. This is where I stash all the pictures I have taken at the shows and the tickets to prove that I was there. [:)]
Sigs & Other Stuff
I have only gotten to meet part of the members of Toad. I met Glen twice and Randy only once. I humbly asked for them to sign something and it's been fun reading what they wrote. Plus, I have had the good fortune to aquire one of Randy's drum sticks and one of Todd's guitar picks.