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In case you do not know, Lapdog is the working name for Todd Nichols and Dean Dinning's (you know, formerly of Toad the Wet Sprocket) new band. I will try to have a bit of information about their new project as I hear it. I have a copy of an email from Joe Lyons (the PR/Ambassador dude for Lapdog) that contains some of their latest info that you are more than welcome to read.

I have been one of the few lucky people that was selected to ask Todd & Dean five questions about them and their band. I guess I was just lucky to have been in the right place and in the right time. Joe said that there have been a handful of other people on the web who have been asked to participate as well (the requirements were that they had to have an active web site and by just being kewl), so their links are after my questions and answers.

Ok, here goes. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
(NOTE: It seems like Todd answered most of these questions with Dean contributing here and there)

What was your most memorable or favorite Toad experience?
I have so many great memories it is hard to think of just one. I have some great memories of our first tours with Deborah Harry and then the B52's. It was a lot of fun cramming all of us and our gear in a van and touring the country for the first time. Playing on television shows such as Letterman and Leno were very exciting for us also. Playing our yearly rape crisis benefits in our hometown of Santa Barbara was also great fun for us.
How would you describe the kind of music you will be creating?
We have 20 new songs written so far and they vary in style, but mostly they are a continuation of what I was writing with toad. A lot of melody and harmony as you have come to expect from us as well as a few songs that might suprise you. You will just have to wait and see.
When will we be able to hear what you are currently working on?
We have plans to put portions of our demos on our new website as soon as Joe gets that going -- hopefully a week or so. If we are lucky we might have an album out after summer. Right now, we are putting together a band to play live -- so you never know when there might be a bootleg of the live stuff.
Is Todd going to be doing most of the singing?
I will be doing all of the lead vocals and Dean will be harmonizing with me a lot. On our demos, we have a lot of 3 part harmonies so we will have to find someone else to sing the 3rd part live. Hopefully, the extra guitar player or the keyboard player will be able to do that.
What do you consider your best feature or quality to be?
My best feature or quality is that is that I never have B.O. and I don't snore. Dean says his best feature or quality is that he is really popular.

Here are the other people that have been selected to ask questions and I will update this list when they have released where their questions will be posted. For now, I have included their main Toad page and below that will be their Lapdog page (if they have one). If you are missing from this list (or if I mistakenly added you or misspelled your name), please let me know so I can update it!

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5 Questions

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