News from Joe Lyons
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If you want any information on Lapdog, Joe is your man to ask. Here is the most recent information that Joe recently posted to the Toad mailing list. I have deleted his email address from this post in order to respect his wishes for some privacy.

       Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 13:24:20 -0800
       From: joe lyons
         To: toad listserv 
    Subject: [TOAD-L:23302] Grandma Terry asked for this
    I suppose it's time for an update. It's been months since I've posted, and I
    finally have something to say, or that I'm allowed to say! As you may have
    heard, the guys have again hired me. I'm probably gonna do the new website,
    handle the fan relations stuff, possibly tour again: your basic ambassador
    duties. They haven't settled on a drummer or another guitar player yet, so I
    guess I'll have seniority over 'em when they get hired! They have jammed with
    some guys here in S.B. recently, but these guys don't really know they're
    getting auditioned, they're just stoked to get to play with Todd and Dean.
    More on the lineup when it's firmed up. 
    Anyway, barring any legal problems, Todd and Dean's new project is called
    'Lapdog'.... Take a second and soak it up...Lapdog. Although they are now
    under the management of Rusty Harmon, the manager of Hootie & The Blowfish,
    they remain great friends with Chris Blake and Joe Mock of Blake and Bradford.
    Oh yeah...The guys also had me select 5 or 6 lucky TTWS website owners and
    let each one ask 5 questions, with answers to be posted on their sites. Look
    for that to happen next week, because the guys won't get any questions until
    tonight. Todd just got back from Telluride today from doing 'VH-1's Lift
    Ticket To Ride' where he played acoustic with Hootie around a bonfire or
    something, (keep an eye on VH-1 for that) and also did lots of snowboarding.
    As soon as I get their answers, I'll get them out to the site owners, I
    promise. The fan questions are pretty good, with hardly any duplicated
    inquiries, so expect 25 or 30 answers on the various sites. I assume the
    different site owners will post to let you know when they're up. 
    There you have it... You've been updated!  I'll keep everyone current as
    things happen...
    -Joe Lyons

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