Jeremiah - Luke Perry
I want a drawing of him alone so here are two examples of him.

Kurdy - Malcolm-Jamal Warner
I don't have any photos of him alone but I do want one.

Jeremiah and Kurdy
The second photo is used a lot to represent the show but I am not sure I like it. Guess it depends on how it is drawn too. Jeremiah is of course the main char but Kurdy plays a very large role as well.

She is a tough as nails char that rarely shows her softer side. She is also very secure in her sexuality and uses it to get her way sometimes.

A serious and cautious leader.

Lee Chen
The loyal and dedicated head of security.

The beautiful and fair-minded second in command. In the last photo, Erin is the one with her hair down and her twin sister is the one in pigtails.

The strange, elusive and mysterious prophet.

I just really like this photo and if there is a good way to translate it to a silhouette or comic style drawing, that would be neat.