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No one is listening until you make a mistake. --Your Daily Dose of Zen

There are moments in your life when everything crystallizes and the whole world reshapes itself, right down to its component molecules ... and everything changes. I have looked upon the face of a Vorlon, Laurel ... and nothing is the same anymore. --Dr. Kyle of Babylon 5

I have seen what power does, and I have seen what power costs. The one is never equal to the other. --G'Kar of Babylon 5    (WAV 84Kb)    (MP3 23Kb)

No one ever listen to Zathras. "Quite mad", they say. It is good that Zathras does not mind. He's even grown to like it. Oh yes. --Zathras of Babylon 5    (WAV 121Kb)

If you see something <-this big-> with 8 legs crawling around, let me know... I have to kill it before it develops language skills. --Londo of Babylon 5    (WAV 102Kb)

The baby bat screamed out in fright, "Turn on the dark, I'm afraid of the light!" --Shel Silverstein

Find what excites you, and do it. Follow your joy; the rest will take care of itself. --J. Michael Straczynski (USENET)

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